School Policies


In order to provide consistent expectations and positive learning

environment for students, please note the following class policies:

Class Expectations

Prior to class:

  • Dancers will dress appropriately for class (leotard/tank/tshirt, dance/gym shorts, hair tied back, knee high socks and highland dance shoes)
  • Plan to arrive to class 10-15min before class to stretch and warm up; dancers novice level and above are expected to do their own stretching and warm up
  • Dancers should bring the following to every class: dance shoes, hair ties, dance notebook, water bottle, practice skirt and jig shoes if applicable

During class:

  • Dancers are expected to bring a notebook to every class, and write down corrections
  • Class will end on time regardless of when dancers arrive
  • Dancers should stay on the platform, and wait for a teacher’s permission for a rest or drink break
  • Chewing gum, eating, and cell phone use is prohibited
  • Dancers and parents may not correct other dancers
  • Parents may drop off dancers and wait in the adjacent room
  • Parents who would like to watch may quietly observe class, but must reserve questions for break or after class. Parents may not instruct or correct children during class. 

Outside of class:

  • Competitive dancers should practice at home at least 20min every other day
  • All dancers and families will act with courtesy and respect towards all other students, families, and professionals involved in highland dance (in accordance with the FUSTA Code of Conduct). Failure to do so may result in removal from the classes, in which case no refund will be provided.


  • Tuition is paid monthly online via Venmo or Paypal
  • Competitive dancers must enroll in a minimum of 1 class/week. For novice and above 2 classes/week is encouraged.
  • Missed classes may be made up during another class time in the same month only.
  • Private lessons are available by teacher approval, and must be in addition to group classes (for local students)
  • Group rates:

  1. 30min $10
  2. 1 hr $15
  3. 1.5 hr $20

  • Semiprivate rates:

  1. 1 hr $20/student

  • · Private and Skype rates:

  1. 45min $25
  2. 1hr $30


  • Teachers can be reached by email, text, or phone, or before or after class; always feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!
  • To respect teachers and their families, please refrain from contacting teachers before 8am or after 10pm