New Students

Highland Dance is for everyone!

We accept students from age 2 through adult, from complete beginners to experienced competitors. Both males and females are Highland dancers! In fact, though the majority of current dancers are female, highland has military roots, and originally only men were allowed to compete!

Which class is right for me?

Ages 2-4 attend Mommy and Me. Mommy and Me is for preschool ages to attend along with a parent, guardian, or older sibling. This class is 30min and focuses on moving to music, learning beginning dance movements for ballet and Scottish dance technique, and having fun and burning some energy! Limit 8 students

Ages 4-6 attend Celtic Cuties. This group dances for 30min independently, though parents and guardians are welcome to watch. This class focuses on learning rhythm, basic positions and movements, and the first dances including Pas de bas, Highcuts, and Highland Fling. Limit 10 students.

*Age 4 may choose to attend either Mommy and Me or Celtic Cuties depending on what is best for your child

Ages 7-11 attend Sassy Lassies (and Glad Lads). This class is 45min and focuses on learning basic positions, movements, and dances including the Highland Fling, Sword Dance, and Seann Triubhas. Limit 10 students.

Adults 21 & over: Trews & Brews. Join us for a 1 hour adult highland dance class open to all levels including new beginners! Class will be followed by a trip to different local breweries each week! 

What do I need for my first class?

Wear close-fitting exercise clothes that are comfortable to dance in. For example, a leotard or close-fitting tank or tee, and shorts. Bottoms should end above the knee so legs are visible. Wear socks and ghillies or ballet pumps if you have them. Beginning students are not expected to purchase shoes prior to class (we have a collection of used shoes you may borrow). Later, you may choose to purchase Highland Dance Shoes (called ghillies or pumps).

Bring a water bottle and a notebook and pen. It is a good idea to have a “dance bag” to keep these items in.

More experienced dancers will be asked to wear knee socks and ghillies.

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